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About Me

Hi, my name is Alex (AHL is my namesake).

have always been a big fan of other people’s use of words. Whether spoken loudly, in a whisper, or mumbled; whether written in ink, graphite, or through a keyboard; whether scribbled on a napkin, written in a notebook, or written on a document; all words interest me.

I guess that’s why I’ve centred my life around narratives. The way people tell stories inspires and excites me.

Exploring literature of the past at university has enabled me to learn more about the way people communicate, most of the time with people they have never met. A writer writes for everyone, even if they believe it is only for themselves. We write to be read. Just as we speak to be heard.

Here at AHL-editing we love making your stories the best they can be. Whether it is a fictional work, or your business history and biography, we love to adapt your writing to your needs. Give us a go and see where your writing can go.

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