Services we offer

All the packages we offer can be mixed and matched, although we would recommend that development editing is a package solely in itself. Please contact us through email for any queries.


Proofreading acts as the last line of defence for your work. A proof-reader does one of the last checks of your work, picking out any mistakes that all the other contributors and editors make. This would include correcting grammar, spelling, and flow whilst aiming to change the bare minimum of your work to ensure no new mistakes are added.


Copyediting includes basic grammar and punctuation editing, ensuring the work follows the given style guides, and ensures consistency throughout your work. This also includes researching any inaccuracies in the document, including key facts and statements.

Line editing

Line editing focuses on style and readability of your document. This ensures that the work reads in a fluid style and is not confusing for any readers. It focuses less on inaccuracies or mistakes in your work and more on the flow of the writing and how it is conveyed by an audience.

Development editing

Development editing is the largest job we offer and focuses mainly on works of fiction. It focuses on story issues, point of view violations, overall structure, and genre requirements in your document.. As well as looking at basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections, it helps a writer ensure that their work is readable to its audience.

Website copy editing

Do you have a website? Can you say it's 100% accurate? If the answer is no, I can copy edit and proofread your website so that your message can come across quickly and easily to your intended audience, without the pesky messages about grammar.